When DHS Child Welfare alleges that parents are not providing adequate care or safety for their children, they can seek legal and/or physical custody of the children. Ideally, DHS is supposed to help families solve their problems together, without placing children in foster. The reality often looks very different, with DHS creating problems rather than solving them, and unnecessarily removing children from their home. PDX Law Group has extensive experience representing parents and children at all stages of Juvenile Dependency proceedings in Oregon Juvenile Courts.
Shelter Hearings

Contested Jurisdiction trials

Permanency Hearings

Contested Change-of-Plan hearings

Citizen Review Board meetings

Termination of Parental Rights trials

Intervention in Juvenile Dependency cases – Sometimes DHS keeps relatives or friends out of the loop, or cuts them off completely from the children and the court process. If you have a caregiver relationship with children in DHS custody, we can help you intervene in the case so that you can participate in the court process.

Guardianships – Oregon’s Probate Courts can appoint a guardian to protect the safety and well being of minor children and incapacitated adults – adults who are unable to manage their own physical needs and/or health care. If an adult is unable to manage their own financial affairs, the Court may appoint a Conservator or a Fiduciary.

Guardianships for children – when a parent can’t adequately care for their children, someone needs to step in. However, reporting a struggling family member or loved one to DHS is difficult decision with lots of questions attached. Where will the children go? Will they stay at home, or go to a friend or relative? Will the children be placed in a foster home? For how long?

At PDX Law Group, we understand that not every situation calls for a full blown Juvenile Dependency case in the Juvenile Court. There are a lot of good reasons why a guardianship can be a good alternative. Call us to learn more.